Formally named Mothering Mother Postpartum Doula Services ,Shore Grace was founded to support women during those trying weeks after delivery, and to meet the growing need of postpartum support in our Eastern Shore Community. We realized that what our community lacked was full-service, wraparound support for the family during this transitional time. Women and families not only need support during Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum, but also love and grace to walk them through every phase of this new time in their lives.

So many things may arise while welcoming a new baby into the home and we want to be able to serve our clients no matter what new thing they are facing. Rather it’s the supportive hand of a doula, the listening ear of a counselor, or the discovery of self-healing from a coach, we want to be able to meet families where they are in the journey.  

It is our goal to be at the hands and feet of all women. To empower them. To push them beyond what they think they are capable of. To nurture them, and to provide them and their families with non-judgmental collaborative services so that they can crush any goal that they set for themselves. Every family that has the Shore Grace Experience will walk away feeling Confident and Comfortable in their new parenting roles, and ready for success with their family dynamics.

"Give light and people will find the way."






My name is Meisha Shockley and I’m eager to meet you. Having a baby is the most rewarding and yet the most terrifying transition a woman can go through. I’m a momma to three beautiful girls, each with their own unique birth stories. However, it wasn’t until the birth of my third daughter did I start to follow my heart and fully dive into this doula journey. I’ve spent most my life supporting women and families and never knew I could make this into a career. I spent countless days volunteering at a local pregnancy center guiding the mothers there and each day that went by, I longed for more time to spend with them. After college, I took on a full-time case management job where I served the mental health community. There, I was drawn to parents experiencing postpartum anxiety and or depression. I found myself requesting to work with clients who were mothers and struggling with their transition into motherhood.

At 24 weeks pregnant with my second daughter I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and was admitted to the hospital where at 27, weeks I would deliver a 1lb 6.9oz miracle baby. I was forced to quit my job so that I could support my baby in her healing. After 70 long days in the NICU we came home and while I was extremely blessed to be able to stay at home with her and my oldest daughter, something in me yearned for more. Just 4 short months after arriving home we found ourselves expecting our third baby girl. Once home with baby number three, I started researching what I could do to help women in my community while still being available to my three girls and I came across the ProDoula website. I had finally found a name for the passion I’ve had since I was a child. A Doula.  

I feel that I especially have a responsibility to Black Women. Our Maternal Mental Health is often ignored and misunderstood. Being your doula does not mean that you will be immune to this outcome. Being your doula does not guarantee you a perfect birth or postpartum. But being your doula does mean I have an opportunity to break generational habits, heal ancestral wounds, and raise a new generation of healthy black mothers.

I'm so happy you are here...



“I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity.”
- Michelle Obama

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Meisha is one of the best out there! She has so much knowledge and is very personable! She is so passionate about what she does for her families. Her new zumbini class is also so much fun for both the parent and the child!

-Melissa Hutchins


My husband and I just went to the newborn & postpartum care class and it was great!!!! Both of us felt better after leaving and will definetly be keeping in touch and looking into doula services!!! Meisha and her husband were great and made us feel very comfortable so it was easy to participate and ask any questions!

-Brittany Sgambato 


Last night we hosted a private workshop in our home and it was so awesome!! Meisha and Adrian were so full of information and REAL LIFE parenting and infant care. Nothing was sugar coated and she tailored her curriculum to the needs of our group. The in home setting was so comfortable and our group was so engaged. If you are expecting and haven't attended her workshop, I HIGHLY recommend going or even hosting one for you and some friends. Thank you so much Meisha & Adrian.

-Krystle Hitch


My husband and I took Meisha's Infant Care Workshop this weekend, and we both agreed it was well worth both our time and money (in fact, I think this class is INEXPENSIVE for what you get out of it). As first time parents, there are many unknowns, and we left feeling much more prepared to bring home our little one than when we arrived. Meisha is kind and engaging, and my husband said "that class was fun!", feeling thrilled with himself at mastering the subtle art of swaddling! Highly recommend!

-Michelle Stafford Coleman 


Meisha is a very knowledgeable and caring doula. You can feel comfortable knowing she can handle any situation that arises. The care and support she will offer your family will be invaluable.

-Danielle Powell 


Let's Chat! We'd love to hear all about how we can serve your family.

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art therapist




yoga instructor

Sleep Consultant

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Do you have the heart to serve women and their families? Are you looking to be apart of a group of empowered women making a positive impact on how families are cared for on the eastern shore?
Then I want to hear from you!

Tell us about your qualifications. Include where you are located and your experience working with women and their families. Prospective doulas must be willing to complete in person training. Please send resume and cover letter to





The support of a doula can help you have a more positive birth and postpartum experience. It is our goal to provide our clients with physical, emotional, and informational support that leads them to a more empowered transition into parenthood. 

We provide your family with support from a professional counselor to promote self-healing. Our compassionate team is experienced in providing support in areas including Maternal Mental Health, Grief & Trauma, and Marriage and Family.

We want to help families on the Eastern Shore feel nurtured and strengthen. We serve families through Placenta Encapsulation, Health Coaching , and Energy Healing (Reiki) to provide them with the holistic support they desire.




- Amanda

What I love most about life is the opportunity to experience. I love knowing that I have the power to attract what I want to experience. I’m grateful I was gifted with such knowledge before starting our family. I now get to pass down this gift to the next generation and raise empowered beings. Also, I get the chance to share this life with my spouse who supports all my wild endeavors 100%, even while skeptical. He challenges me from a place of love and growth. I’m thankful he found me and my broken self when he did.  I started off shy, low self-esteem and constant anxiety. I was afraid to speak up. I was emotionally and sexually abused. I was terrified to live. I tried to hide everything beautiful about me. At one point my anxiety was so strong it hurt to get out of bed. I was living my life for someone else. I was living my life to please people around me that could care less about my wellbeing. There is an epidemic of unbalanced energy within us. A growing epidemic of anxiety, depression and a yearning for something more in life. We are told to silence our hurt and suck it up. As we silence ourselves, the pain and hurt grows into a vicious cycle that destroys us from the inside out. Through constant self-reflection, digging deep into my shadow self and inner child healing I feel I have found a way to heal those pieces that felt empty and needed love. I grew up with a gift to guide others towards self-empowerment and to take action. To take charge of their life. I spent a large part of my life helping my friends stand up for themselves and take action in their relationships. These women did not see their worth and allowed someone else to treat them wrongly. I love working with women because I love bringing out the goddess within! Our world is in need of more goddess energy. Every woman has this energy within and it’s time to let it loose! It’s not to be wild and free again.

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Trade school and studied cosmetology
Wor-Wic Community College with her associates in Business Management
Reiki Master
certification in the Rites of the Munay Ki and AromaTouch
Owner of Natural rEvolution , an organic bath and skin care line that is Reiki and crystal infused
doula program through International Doulas,
Certified life coach
hypnosis certification
Buti Yoga instructor



- Becky

I am a single mom of two kids who is just trying to get through the trenches of motherhood
with a smile on my face and a chocolate bar in my hand. My passions include reading dirty romance novels and being able to go to the bathroom without a toddler staring into my eyes… Right after I had my first child I knew several people who also had babies around the same time that felt pressured by their families, the lactation consultants, and even random people just walking down the street about the feeding choice they made for their family. Sadly, a
lot of those that chose to breastfeed
in the beginning gave up due to the mounting opinions and pressure from others. I knew just by talking to these women that I could make a difference; I could lessen that burden upon them. I could give them someone who will tell them the facts and let them make the choice that works for them. I could give them non-judgmental support for the decisions that work for their family, and that’s exactly what I did. I went to school to learn about human lactation, I completed over 550 hours at an internship program, all to be able to help women and their families make the best decision. During my internship I also learned about doula work, I felt so drawn to this path that I dived in head first and haven’t looked back. What I have learned as a doula came very naturally to me, it felt like it was something I have always been doing. While this is a newer endeavor professionally for me the passion for helping women and their families has only grown with each family I work with.

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ProDoula Postpartum and Infant Care Doula
Lactation Education Resources Certified Breastfeeding Specialist 2017
Wor-Wic Community College Associate of Arts Degree 2009-2012
Certified Breastfeeding Specialist June 18, 2017
BLS Certification July 12, 2017
CPR Certification March 16, 2017
HIPPA Trained Certification June 14, 2017
Occupational Safety & Security Certification April 21, 2017



- LyVea

Hello Everyone, my name is LyVea!
My love for wanting to understand women and their mental health came about while doing an internship at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in the Women’s Mental Health department. I’ve always been intrigued by birth and development. I have an associate’s in Social Science, and currently pursuing a
Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Science at Wilmington University with certifications in Child Advocacy Studies and Trauma-Informed Approaches. I look forward to continuing to be educated on the importance of child birth and mental health of the entire family!

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Internship at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in the Women’s Mental Health Department
associate’s in Social Science
Currently Pursing Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science at Wilmington University with certifications
in Child Advocacy Studies and Trauma-Informed Approaches



- Maggi

Growing up on the Eastern Shore, my family joked that we had marsh in our blood and I, as a creative, always had paint under my fingernails.  In 1999, I attended women’s empowerment groups and later, taught workshops for women of all ages to help them find their strength for over 10 years.  A few of life’s storms later, I found myself looking inward through therapy, and outward toward needing a new career as an art therapist. While I was in graduate school, I interned at a hospice, working with mothers, children, and families with bereavement, grief, and trauma.  Sometimes a tragedy befalls, for which there are no words.  Life changes can turn worlds upside down and the creative process can help individuals and families navigate muddy waters to find healing.  Art can make a safe harbor to witness, honor, and protect one during such a healing process.  Art therapy can work for anyone young and old, differently abled, verbal and non-verbal individuals—no previous art experience needed!  I’m excited to be back on the Eastern shore, helping women and children find their innate strength to weather their own storms and not survive, but thrive, in their unique life story.
When I’m not engaged in art therapy, I enjoy my own creative pursuits including drawing, painting,
sculpting, gardening, and cooking.  I also enjoy weight lifting, bicycling, and hiking with my
Goldendoodle pup.

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Licensed Graduate Art Therapist (LGPAT)
Masters of Science in Art Therapy from Florida State University
Advanced Dream Analysis Certification from the Assisi Institute



- Makya

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been presented with positive images of women, particularly
the ones who raised me. I realized that exposure to, and influence of, the magical women in my life
shaped my values - of love, strength, generosity, and compassion. A mixture of that compassion and the reality of Baltimore’s inner city quickly rerouted my life’s destiny. I couldn’t ignore the plight and
traumas of those around me, and realized that we each have a responsibility to our communities.

Finding a focus when community and social issues are so broad can be tough but what better place to start than at the core? The trajectory of the world lies at the hands and/or wombs of women, and a world that neglects the health and wellness of its women is a world bound for destruction. We know that prioritizing women’s health can lift communities out of poverty but generally speaking, prioritizing women - period - can lift a nation. My only hope is to be a vessel in that elevation.

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•Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (Towson University)
•Bachelor of Arts, Sociology-Anthropology (Towson University)
*currently pursuing a Master of Social Work ( Salisbury University)

•Mental Health First Aid
Trauma Tools & Responses Training



- Haley

When I am not at work or spending time with family, you can usually find me at a coffeehouse with mug in hand. To say I am addicted to coffee is an understatement. When I am not drinking coffee, I am usually thrifting hidden gems or working on my calligraphy skills. I believe that being creative is one of the best ways to express yourself and cultivates a sense of unique freedom. Helping people has always been a passion of mine. I always knew I wanted to be in a career that was not just a job but an outlet for me to love, help, and encourage others. Young children & motherhood have always been a passion of mine since I was little. From playing house with my baby dolls to nannying in college, I love being around sweet little ones. I believe that motherhood is one of the most underrated jobs out there. Children are a true blessing from the Lord and being able to care for them is an incredible honor. Coming from a home where my mom stayed at home with me and my sister, I can see now looking back how much of a sacrifice it is to be mother. I believe that being a parent is one of the greatest gifts anyone can be given, and I am so honored to be a part of an organization that cherishes that precious gift. I am so excited to get to know you, your little ones and your family!

“But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift” James 4:6

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•Bachelor of Science in Business
(Minor in Christian Ministry )



- Chrissy

Maternal Mental Health has always been near and dear to my heart at an early age. My youngest
brother was born with microcephaly, which is a condition where the head circumference is smaller than normal. First hand I witnessed my mother attend appointment after appointment with limited support. The stress was present with no outlet to turn to. I am a mother of two children ages 10 and 4. Each pregnancy was different and I also struggled with postpartum depression. Knowing what the symptoms were and being able to seek resources I was able to get through the difficult times in my pregnancy, but it was not easy. There are so many changes that happen as families grow and develop with the passing years, and I’m here to help with these transitions.

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Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical (LCSW-C)
BA in Social Work with a minor in Psychology.
Over 8 years of experience in a variety of setting with diverse clients, including long term and brief



- Leslie

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I have been a registered nurse for 37 years. I have worked as a Behavioral Health Counselor,
Psychiatric Nurse Manager, and presently Nurse Manager at Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center. But my
most heartfelt joy was sensing God’s will for my life as I have served the past 25 years as a counselor to victims of abuse, codependency, and abortion. Because of my personal experience in these areas, I felt led to share my own story of healing from abortion, sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse in my novel, Forgiven Much. My hope is that my story can offer a “light at the end of a very dark tunnel” –that light being Jesus Christ!

Through my many contacts, I have found that an epidemic number of women have experienced some form of abuse. Sadly, many of them don’t realize the long-term cost abuse has on their lives, and the resulting effect it has on the choices they make as adults. Consequently, they often suffer with poor self- image, depression, substance abuse and relational dysfunction, especially with men, and often with their children. This affects the family dynamic, and can lead to generations of non-adaptive families. I had a lot of broken pieces when Jesus found me, but the Master Potter put me back together—and so much better than before. Because of that, God has called me to help other women realize their brokenness is not the end—but the beginning of a beautiful and enriching journey with the lover of their soul. It’s my passion and my calling

When I’m not serving families I’m camping, swimming, and leading a Christian singles group in my spare time.

Nazarene Bible College to earn her degree in Counseling for Christian Ministries
Certified Prepare/Enrich marriage counselor
registered nurse for 37 years



- Megan

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Hello! My name is Megan Hines and I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Like you may be experiencing, sleep became a far-away dream when our daughter, Kenna, was born. We tried everything we could to get her to sleep more than a few hours at a time, reading everything we could find. Finally, we reached out to a sleep consultant, and within days we were all sleeping 12-hour stretches through the night. It was like a dream come true!
After that, I became passionate about helping families like yours create successful sleep stories so
everyone feels refreshed and rested. Believe it or not, sleeping through the night does not have to be a dream. Let me help you get there with your little one. Other news: I will be launching a webinar coming up to provide sleep tips and details on establishing good sleep habits. It' s going to be called "Sleep Well and Thrive". Leading up to the release of the webinar, I'm going to offer a sleep challenge through Facebook and do some live videos. Would you want to be featured in
one of the videos? It would be super informal- like 5-10 minutes- but just educating viewers on why sleep is so important to mental health for moms? And it doesn't even have to be a meet - up, I can send over my log in so you can stream from wherever.

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Master of Science in Molecular Biology
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Bachelor of Science in Marine Science
(Soon to be Doctor of Education in Literacy)



- Meaghan

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Meaghan is a teacher, wife, yogi, and mama to the sweetest little girl, Sloan. She is a Connecticut native who moved to the Eastern Shore in 2014 to support her husband when he had the opportunity to become a Men's Lacrosse coach at Salisbury University. She has embraced life on the shore and although she misses a more mountainous terrain, she loves the sunset views here! Meaghan used yoga and meditation to counter the stress of trying (and trying) to conceive and to quell the anxiety she felt once her baby girl arrived. She wants to share her love of yoga and meditation with other mamas so that they feel empowered and at peaceful through all the stages of motherhood.
Is an aspiring children's author. Her first book, The Power in Me teaches children to use mindfulness to combat anxiety and fear and will be published by the end of the year.
Reads 3-4 books a month, sometimes more because she loves children's and YA titles.
Wakes up really early in the morning to ensure that she has some "me time"  before the start of each day. Her dream job is to be an elementary school librarian.

BA in English from Central Connecticut State University,
MS in secondary education from the University of New Haven
200 hours yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, CT.



- Alexis

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Being a parent has been the most important job I’ve had in my entire life thus far. After I had my last child, I knew the only way I could support other families would be to vicariously live through them as a birth worker. I was a young wife and really needed help but a special kind of help that I only read about in books. Birthing and raising my babies in a holistic manner was the utmost importance to me but was very foreign to my family. My dance partner would share her stories
of being a midwife and doula and one day she assisted me the chance to do so. Now, being a
doula is one of the most important jobs of my life.

Birth Arts International 2015
Pediatric & Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
Red Cross 2018
Maryland & NY Holistic Esthetician
Ridley Lowell 2014



- Paula

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What drives my passion to work with women and families is that I truly believe women are the
backbone and the support of their families and communities. I began my career as a nursing assistant
working with women, a long time ago. I often found the work limiting and wasn’t able to spend enough time with clients to learn more of the help needed. At this same time I was growing my own family and decided to stay at home with my children while returning to school. My heart was calling me to learn another way to help others. I one day happened into the Social Work Department at Salisbury University. While there, it was if my answers were resolved. I gained a calling to become a Social Worker and learn to help advocate for women and women with families. Through my education and trainings, I have learned how to assist, advocate, and empower women. Since this time I have worked with women who have been marginalized by government and/or institutions. I have assisted women empower themselves to succeed and move towards self-sufficiency. It has been very rewarding to assist in the change process, and I truly feel blessed. I began my career in social work because I felt limited in how I could help others. Now as I continue to learn, I truly am moved to assist others and resolve limitations. I came to recognize I quote that speaks to me personally, “A strong woman learns to stand on her own. A stronger woman learns to help others stand”. I think this quote speaks to my passion and drive to assist women and families.

Case Manager working with women and mothers who are at risk for homelessness.
Master of Social Work degree from Salisbury University
LGSW in the Fall of 2018
CNA/GNA and private duty nurse



- Zebrina

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What drives my passion to work with women and families is that I truly believe women are the backbone and the support of their families and communities. I began my career as a nursing assistant

Graduated from University of Maryland Eastern Shore (2005) with a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology.

Graduated from Salisbury University (2005) with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work.

Graduated from Delaware State University (2013) with a Masters in Social Work.

Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical (LCSW-C)



- Shakkyra

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Have you ever sparked a conversation with an individual about childbirth and the person is eager to talk to you about her birth story, her experience, other’s different experiences, and the aspects of childbirth that you didn’t even think of? You were probably, listening, wondering “All I said was my labor was rough and I got educated on what’s the best birthing position to deliver a baby is.”, haha. Well I am that eager to share, eager to teach, eager to tell all person. I don’t mean to overwhelm but, I am absolutely in awe of the power of a woman! The power of a family to come together during such a beautiful thing as childbirth! The power of a soothing, peaceful, “how mama wants it and how mama needs it” labor and delivery!
 One thing I will never forget is my birth story of my two sons Mekhi and Carmelo. Each very different but, yet still same: I just wanted support. Physically and emotionally. That emotional need for a support system didn’t change after birth was over but, led well into my postpartum stages. My boys’ father and I separated, and I left the hospital after birth alone. I suffered from postpartum depression and I cried a lot. I never felt more by myself. As my beautiful babies’ growth, and the love of my oldest son, dragged me out of my baby blues; I noticed a stir in my gut begin to grow about what my purpose could be to woman like me. It dissipated and came back when I was able to support my best friend birth my godson, Kendrick, into the world. Is was the most beautiful thing I could ever be a part of even when I had to tell her every day for several weeks that everything was going to be alright. Then I knew… my role was to stand by woman, woman who are in a place I used to be in, and simply support them and let them know if they didn’t have anyone… they had me.
 I am a young, single mother of two, working hard by day, and aspiring to be a birthing assistant/birth worker by night. The steps to that road start right here. I can’t wait to get to know you, share my stories, listen to your needs, and be there for you just as you need me to be.

Labor Doula Certification – February 2020