We offer an array of services and programs to promote the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being of the families we serve.  

 It is our goal to provide education and empowerment as you welcome your little one to your family. Our luxury birth and postpartum experiences include the following areas of care :





The Shore Grace Experience

the birth plan

Labor (Birth)

The Birth


Postpartum planning + Support 

Our Birthing Experts are versed in a variety of techniques to keep you as comfortable as possible during your birthing experience. Families who invest in doulas are said to experience less physical discomfort (pain) and anxiety with the laboring process
60 mins 

Education Support

-Appointment One: Building the Birth Plan 
-Appointment Two: Labor & Birth 
-Appointment Three: Feeding 
-Appointment Four: Postpartum Planning  

Physical Comfort

We believe you deserve the attention and support you so effortlessly give to others .Our compassionate doulas hold space for the unfoldment of your journey into parenthood. This includes normalizing common emotions, thoughts and questions that arise during the process. At 35 weeks, our doulas go on call to be available to you 24/7. It is our job to devote our energy to supporting you in creating an experience that best serves the wellbeing of your family 

Emotional & Mental Wellness

The Shore Grace Birth experience

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4 90 minute In-depth Prenatal Appointments

newborn care

home care


Daytime + overnight visits


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Newborn Care

-Daytime + Overnight Visits
-Essential Care including diapering, bathing, infant soothing, swaddling, etc. 
-Providing + maintaining daily baby log
-Infant Sleep Support + Education
- Infant Feeding: Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and Alternative Feeding Methods

Home Care

-Light housekeeping including laundry, organization, dishes, sweeping, tidying


- Support for birthing person's physical recovery

Complete 4th trimester Postpartum Experience

One of the most beautiful and trying seasons of motherhood is the 4th trimester. We are here to support and care for you and your little one in this time. We will help care for your newborn, home, you, and your loved ones and help you prepare to do it on your own when the time comes.

the process

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