Birth services start with an informal consultation where we discuss what your goals are for your pregnancy and birth, as well as what your expectations are of your doula. From there, we book in an additional prenatal appointment (approximately 1.5 hours) to work on birth planning, postpartum plans, and ensure you are constantly supported.

• Consultation
• 2 prenatal planning appointments with your primary doula
• Continuous email and text support
• 24hour on-call phone and text support starting 37weeks gestation until the birth of your baby
• Immediate postpartum support following the birth of your baby for approximately 1-3 hours
• 1 in home postpartum visit (between 1-10 days postpartum)
• Text support as needed during weeks 1-6 postpartum
• Admission to Postpartum Recovery and Infant Care Class

 Doula Package: $3800

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We offer a variety of classes to meet your growing family's need, including but not limited to Postpartum Recovery and Infant Care, Love Languages of Labor Virtual Comfort Measures, and more!