In Honor of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, Shore Grace Family Wellness is asking for your help and participation in our #notabadmom Maternal Mental Health Campaign to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding perinatal mood disorders. #Notabadmom is about shining light on the dark topics of motherhood that are hidden due to shame, guilt, and stigma. By using this hashtag we stand by mothers who have felt like they were a bad mom for dealing with several issues spanning from using medication to manage postpartum depression and anxiety in motherhood to moms who feel guilty for putting themselves first to better take care of their children. All mothers have had a "I feel like a bad mom" Moment. We want mothers to feel supported and empowered to stand firm in their truth and let them know they are #notabadmom.

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"My anxiety is crippling. Sometimes I don’t even want to daughter to play with other kids in fear of germs or her getting sick. I just worry nonstop something will happen to her and it will be my fault."

"I don’t always feel like being a “Mom”"

" I couldn’t wait to meet my baby boy. Then when I finally had him, I felt nothing. The baby blues hit hard, and I really didn’t expect it to."

" I blame myself for our miscarriage. I keep telling myself my body failed."

" I really didn’t want this baby. The guilt from that now eats me alive every day because I couldn’t picture my life without her now that she is here"

"Being a single mom leaves me exhausted and I feel pressure to be mom & dad."

can you relate?

To reduce stigma regarding perinatal mental health. 

To normalize help seeking and self-care for mothers and families

To give a voice back to the mothers and families in our community struggling with their transition into parenthood.

Schedule Your Consult with a perinatal mental health specialist today


awareness campaign seeks to reach the following goals


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get involved

get involved

During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week May 4th- 8th 2020 we are asking individuals and
organizations to help us in our efforts to reach our campaign goals.



On social media share your story of overcoming a perinatal mood disorder and or what makes you #notabadmom. Use the hashtags #notabadmom #shoregracefam and #mmhweek2020 to use your voice and story to help another family overcoming these obstacles in parenthood. Feel free to download our #notabadmom image below, to include in your post. This will give us permission to share your post.

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We need businesses and organizations to proudly support the mothers and parents in our community. Let families know that your organization is a proud supporter of the work being done here on the Eastern Shore to end the stigma and raise awareness surrounding perinatal mood disorders. During Maternal Mental Health Week we are asking organizations to share one infographic a day on their social media platforms along with our hashtags #notabadmom #shoregracefam #mmhweek2020. Tool Kits containing social media graphics, caption ideas, #notabadmom posters, and other awareness materials will be provided via email
for you to download and use

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