-You are ONLY looking to learn comfort in labor
-You have taken a basic childbirth class and would like more methods and hands-on practice using comfort measures to prepare for labor
-You have given birth before but would like to review comfort techniques for labor
-You learn well in a fun and upbeat environment

By looking at how our partner receives love we can provide comfort in labor in language their bodies understand. Every family should feel empowered and supported throughout their laboring process. With this hands-on "practice run" workshop , families will learn Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages and how corresponding comfort measures for each stage in labor. This fun, enjoyable, and safe class will take participants through: positioning, relaxation, visualization, massage, and breathing into your labor and birth. Movement and touch that facilitates your baby moving down while making your partner feel safe and supported. This class covers a variety of methods so it is suitable for un-medicated or medicated births, Home or hospital births, and can fit to meet any family's birth plan, even those planning to get an epidural. This class is for you if 

Each registration includes 2 adults. Class size is limited to ensure there is time to address your specific concerns and questions

Cost: $199 per pair
Location: Shore Grace Studio

The 5 languages of labor : Comfort measures workshop